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BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers are weighing whether to prohibit disability insurers from charging higher rates to women than to men.

A group of women’s rights advocates and lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would prohibit gender discrimination in disability insurance. But insurers counter that gender is a legitimate factor to consider in weighing the risk that someone will make a disability claim.

State Rep. Ruth Balser, D-Newton, introduced a bill that has more than 40 co-sponsors, which would prohibit discrimination in premium costs or benefits based on sex in individual disability, accident or sickness insurance policies. The bill also states that insurers cannot make any distinction in insurance policies based on conditions unique to one sex, such as pregnancy.

Balser said the bill is necessary because currently, women are charged more than men for disability insurance.

“If a woman is the same age as a man, has the same job as a man, has the same health history as a man, she pays on average 25 percent more…………… continues on

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