Do I Need Disability Insurance?
News from Cape Gazette:

Just like life insurance, disability insurance is protection for your future income. In the case of disability insurance, though, the event covered is your inability to earn a living wage as a result of poor health or injury.


If you are involved in a serious accident or develop a disabling disease, how will you continue to support yourself, let alone your dependents? It’s surprising to many people, but disability insurance is actually more important than life insurance. Surprised? Consider these facts:


• The Social Security Administration’s Disability Benefits publication* claims that a “20-year old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before retirement age.” For us mathematically challenged folks, this means 30% are likely to need some kind of income protection for disability.

• Government statistics from 1997** show that the same 20-year-old has only a 17% chance of dying before age 65 and these odds continue to decline as we live longer and longer (and eat more leafy greens).

• Disability insurance is more expensive than life insurance. Think about…………… continues on Cape Gazette

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