For Disability Insurance Opportunities, Turn to Business Owners
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By Cyril Tuohy

Forget the doctors, the dentists and even the lawyers. Those prospects are tapped out, old news, saturated with advisors hitting them up for sales.

Disability insurance producer coach Chris Carlson says financial advisors looking to grow their disability books of business are better off cultivating business owners.

Not only are business owners good candidates for individual disability income insurance, but they are also prospects for business overhead expense coverage, buy-sell insurance, key man insurance and multilife coverage.

“The business owner market for disability insurance has no competition,” Carlson said during an April 1 webinar sponsored by the Society of Financial Service Professionals and the International Disability Insurance Society.

In one sense Carlson, principal of The D.I. Coach, is spot on. There is little or no competition from other advisors selling disability insurance to business owners in part because fewer advisors are selling the coverage than in the past.

Seen from the reverse angle, however, the disability insurance sale is neither quick nor easy, said Robert Wesley Shannon, founder of SJK Financial Pl…………… continues on Insurance News Net

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